A Q&A with BMC Software

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13, June, 2019


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BMC Software’s Robby Dick, lead solutions marketing manager, and Vladimir Dragic, director of digital transformation, on how BMC leverages big data and artificial intelligence to help customers run and reinvent their businesses while looking toward the future of the technologies. You can see Robby’s session “How a Leading Vehicle Manufacturer Cut Fleet Downtime with Automation, Big Data and IoT” on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at 12:40p.m. Vladimir is participating in two panels during the show: “Driving Digital Transformation through AI & Deep Learning” on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at 10:20a.m., and “Driving Value from Enterprise AI” at 4:40p.m.

Vladimir Dragic and Robby Dick from BMC

Q: Could you definite what your job role details and your day-to-day routine?

Vladimir: I work with large IT organizations helping them define their medium-term digital transformation vision with the objective to gain productivity, agility, and control over their multi-cloud systems. I also work with BMC R&D on defining, architecting, and developing next-generation AIOps solutions.

Robby: My time is split between developing content and interfacing with customers and prospects around the world about the benefits of application workflow orchestration and how it helps their business.

Q: How is your organization applying AI and Big Data?

Vladimir: BMC’s solutions capture and analyze vast quantities of machine-to-machine (M2M) data generated on a daily basis to provide actionable insight to operations managers. For example, our machine learning and analytics technologies include:

  1. Processing logs, events, and alerts in order to avoid application downtime or minimize time to repair
  2. Analyzing distributed systems usage patterns and capacity fluctuations to estimate capacity-induced downtime risks or identify costly over-provisioning
  3. Providing users with a cognitive, multi-channel service management experience through intelligent chatbots

Q: What can we expect from BMC in the next 12 months?

Vladimir: BMC invests significantly every year in R&D to ensure that our clients’ investments in our technology remains state of the art. Over the next 12 months, we will continue to help customers deploy AIOps use cases such as event noise reduction, predictive alerting, and probable cause analysis that drive efficiencies and reduce costs across IT operational processes. Additionally, we will continue to enhance and extend our algorithmic technologies and draw on BMC’s leadership in both ITSM and ITOM to drive customer value across our broad portfolio. We’ll also continue to deliver automation designed to help customers deliver data-driven outcomes to drive their business forward.

Q: What can we expect from AI in the next 12 months?

Robby: As a consumer I want to see more AI in the apps, gadgets, and services I use around the house. Take weather related apps – I want more accurate, predictive measures so I can better plan my day, my week, and most importantly my weekend!

Vladimir: AI technology is maturing fast, giving users tools and interfaces which make programming and deployment easier and more cost effective. At the same time, the development of next-generation AI technology is accelerating. Here are two new technologies that will come to market over the coming year:

  1. Neural networks which analyze data and set up the optimal architecture of neural networks to analyze that data effectively. Yes: neural networks which architect neural networks automatically.
  2. Quantum learning: Using Q-bit based information processing at the core of predictive algorithms. This is expected to significantly enhance the precision of heuristic models, while increasing the ability to deal with high cardinality problems.

Q: What can we expect from Big Data in the next 12 months?

Robby: “Big Data” is folding into data as it becomes the norm and the solutions that support data initiatives are now part of the standard technology toolkit.  At first it was the enormous amounts of data that everyone was trying to gather into a single database and normalize.  Now the challenges are shifting to garnering insights from that data. There’s significant opportunity for savvy organizations that know how to turn that data into actionable, strategic business insight. BMC helps clients do precisely that.

Q: What are you looking forward to most at the show?

Vladimir: I’m looking forward to two things. First, learning more about new developments within the AI ecosystem. Second, meeting with users of AI systems and discussing their needs, aspirations and approaches to advanced analytics.

Robby: I’m looking forward to hearing more about the AI & data projects companies are pursuing and the solutions the employees are leveraging to support those initiatives across their business and technology environments. I expect there to be some cutting edge announcements and look forward to how that will trickle down to the apps/devices that many of us use, the cars we drive, the ways that we shop and how each of us receives and consumes the data that’s most relevant to us.

Stop by the BMC Software booth (#514) to learn more about how we can put AI to use and can help with your Big Data initiatives.