Artificial Intelligence Is The Future Of Successful Businesses

By: Anna Fry

26, July, 2018


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Artificial intelligence is the future of humankind and the globe at large. With technological advancement, automation is everywhere helping people to accomplish a wide range of tasks, be it booking hotel rooms, ordering food, or making a doctor appointment. Customer service is also no exception on the list of areas where AI has changed everything for the better.

AI has continued to improve the ways brands interact with customers. Studies have shown that by 2020, most customer services and interactions will be done without the need for human intervention. Bots and learning machines will take the place of the customer service agents.

The use of AI for customer services brings in ample opportunities to take businesses forward. Many changes are taking place across the globe, and here are some of the reasons why AI enhanced customer services are the future of all brands.

The Machine Only Needs To Be Trained Once

At times, hiring staff may be costly and take a lot of time for their training. The time wasted and cost incurred can increase primarily in cases of workers attrition, which happens usually at call centers. Automation with AI can help to solve these issues.

Instead of training a whole workforce, the business only has to configure the platform and automate it after ensuring that everything is in order. The machines also help in freeing up the workers from recurring routines which can be tedious and tiresome, and let them focus on other things that they do best.

Offers Reliable Customer Services

The AI based machines such as chatbots are free from any biases that could negatively affect interaction with customers. They do not get tired or distracted during work hours. Also, they can be programmed not to get irritated or argue with customers. Most customers spend more after receiving excellent customer services, so this technology is definitely worth serious consideration.

The Increase In Messaging Apps

Over the years, the number of messaging apps has risen to overtake any other means of communication. Other than using the apps to reach friends and relatives, customers are using them to interact with businesses. Messaging is the new way for brands to connect with new and existing clients.

They have the chance to offer real time, fast, and customized customer services via message bots integrated within the apps. An good example is the Kik messenger chatbot from Sephora that helps customers with their purchases in real time.

AI based interaction is already growing and shows no signs of stopping soon. It provides a conversational customer service experience that offers real time experience. Brands can customize machines to fit the company’s business needs and give clients customized content to match the business voice and tone. It also helps the brands to understand customers’ continually changing needs in a better manner.


Thanks to Karthik Reddy for the Info graphic below on how brands are using AI.

A list of how brands are using AI
How brands are using AI