How to become savvier with your marketing by implementing artificial intelligence techniques

12, October, 2017


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Gone are the days of guessing what each individual customer wants by researching demographic populations. Take inspiration from some of the largest tech companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google who are investing large amounts of money in machine learning and AI to predict what their customers want before they even know it. Learn how to become a savvier marketer with these suggestions to improve your overall ROI and business performance.

1. Content curation

By 2018, Gartner predicts that 20% of all business content will be authored by machines. Artificial intelligence will enable content curation by unifying information from diverse datasets, permitting companies to give users more data on usage and other aspects that might interest them from third-party data providers. Under Armour and IBM Watson have worked in collaboration in the past to achieve this via the sports apparel’s Record app, giving users tailored usage data and research on fitness and nutrition.

In addition, Natural-language generation holds the potential of enabling content creators to become more effective and efficient with their time, as a computer will be able to write language for you. In comparison, Natural-language Processing like Google’s RankBrain, whose algorithm has the ability to interpret word relationships better, allowing computers to turn language into data. Marketers could use these techniques to their advantage to automatically generate email content, personalise reports and messages, improve SEO or to curate social media content

2. Instant and personalised Customer Service Support

Sephora’s Kik Bot – the perfect shopping assistant

On the customer service front, intelligent content creating chatbots are emerging in industries from fashion to health to insurance supporting customers and even delving deeper into customers preferences. See for example, Sephora’s Kik bot which opens conversation with a mini quiz about user preferences.

3. Smart customer engagement

Start by re-engaging your customers today! Machine learning can help to identify potential disengaged customer segments before they leave for a competitor. Artificial Intelligence powered tools can do this by gathering data, building a predictive model, testing and validating real customers. When these techniques are combined, customers will become more engaged and loyal leading to higher lifetime value and increased company profits.

4. Improving overall ROI

When choosing the techniques that work best for your organisation, it is important to consider where AI can have the largest impact and whether you have enough data for algorithms to learn from. Also, imperative to keeping your customers is to not become too aggressive with your personalisation techniques as all messages and content should still seem natural to customers. Embrace the digital innovations and new strategies of Artificial Intelligence to drive your business forward in 2017 and beyond.

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