Stand No: 428

The 3DUniversum (3DU) is developing 3D breakthrough technology based on cutting-edge academic research. 3DU consists of a team of artificial intelligence (A.I.) specialists and has access to the best master and PhD A.I. students from the University of Amsterdam. The team is world leading in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and specialized in 3D Computer Vision, and Deep Learning (DL).

3DU has been doing active scientific research and professional software development in 3D computer vision. 3DU has protected IP and has unique and specialized knowledge in A.I. and DL powered by (1) the introduction of new 3D hardware (Apple/Google/Huawei/LG/Microsoft) (2) new software developments requiring specializing skills in A.I. and DL (3) the increasing number of new applications in different markets. 3DU has the necessary background, team, skills, IP, experience and academic contacts to become the leader in the 3D software market.

3DU provides low-cost software solutions for real-time 3D mobile scanning, visualization, modification and analysis. The software is suitable for different platforms (IOS and Android). The innovative technology built in 3DU allows users to scan, view and interact with 3D world around us such as objects (furniture), humans (faces, feet, bodies), and environments (rooms, houses). 3DU has developed 3D core technology with key players and rolled out various products in different markets (realestate, healthcare and retail).