Stand No: 42

As the world becomes more digital, the amount of data created and collected constantly grows and accelerates. Analysis of this ever-growing data becomes a challenge with traditional analytical tools. AWS provides a broad platform of managed services to help you build, secure, and seamlessly scale end-to-end big data applications quickly and with ease.

AWS big data tools and technologies offer opportunities to analyze data efficiently so you can better understand customer preferences, gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and grow your business. Data management architectures have evolved from the traditional data warehousing model to more complex architectures that address more requirements, such as real-time and batch processing, structured and unstructured data, high velocity transactions, and so on.

Whether your applications require real-time streaming or batch data processing, AWS provides the infrastructure and tools to tackle your next big data project. There is no hardware to procure, no infrastructure to maintain and scale—only what you need to collect, store, process, and analyze big data. AWS has an ecosystem of analytical solutions specifically designed to handle this growing amount of data and provide insight into your business.