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About clickworker 

With more than 6 million freelancers, known as Clickworkers, in Europe, America and Asia, clickworker is one of the leading providers of paid crowdsourcing. clickworker offers scalable solutions in 18 languages and in more than 30 target markets.

clickworker is a full-service provider and offers both standardized and individual solutions for the implementation of its customers’ data-oriented projects. These projects are automatically broken down into micro jobs and processed by qualified Clickworkers from the crowd. The results are then reassembled and transmitted to the customer in a quality-assured manner.

AI Training Datasets by clickworker

We can help you get more out of your algorithms by generatinglabeling and validating unique AI datasets, specifically tailored to your needs. We can also provide you with a solution to quickly analyze the results of your AI’s output.

Generation of Training Data for AI

Collecting large amounts of high-quality AI training data that meets all the requirements for a specific learning objective is often one of the most difficult tasks while working on a machine learning project.

For each individual project, clickworker can provide you with unique and newly created AI datasets, such as photos, audio, video recordings and text to help you develop your learning-based algorithm.”