Coin Launcher

Coin Launcher has been created by leading Blockchain marketing agency Searched.io, to promote the strongest ICO projects with our unique data driven insights. Our scoring system is a complex algorithm that makes use of real world data across web, PR, Social media, community and SEO. We’re driven by long term growth and believe that for any ICO to be genuinely successful as a Blockchain startup, they should be looking to increase online influence.

Not only is our scoring unique in it’s creation and analysis of ICO’s, we also combine ratings of other leading ICO listing websites, to provide the most compehensive overview of each investment opportunity. Not only that, our ICO rating is tracked over time, demonstrating the online growth of each ICO both pre and post ICO. This provides investors with ICO insights that demonstrate a commitment to growth not only pre ICO but post ICO, where your investment and trust have been placed in a blockchain startup that has to succeed in the new market it’s entering.

By creating an ICO rating that does not rely on a community or opinion, there is an additional element of trust and predictability in the success of any given project.