CRAFTER.AI™ a solution by Athics
Stand No: 280

Athics is part of the Italian holding Gruppo Yoda and creator of CRAFTER.AI™:  the “No Code Natural Language AI” solution that allows you to independently create and update your own Conversational AI Agent.

Conversational AI agents created with CRAFTER.AI™ bring advantages across the business by reducing costs, optimizing resources and increasing user engagement. Via the use of machine learning and the CRAFTER.AI™ proprietary Modeling Language – CML, our clients can build conversations and create personalized relationships that take into consideration profiles, real time contextual data and previous interactions. This enables our Virtual Assistants to manage up to 98% of interactions autonomously,  which leads to increased user satisfaction.

CRAFTER.AI™ enables companies to get the best from Conversational AI Agents, thanks to a SaaS model that gives access to all AI benefits via a fixed annual subscription and no extra  costs.

With the complexity of coding removed, everyone can use CRAFTER.AI™: Enterprises, Media Companies, Public Companies and Independent Partners. Our clients concentrate on transforming the business and we supply the fast go to market solution and an advanced Conversational AI experience