Stand No: 151

Innostus is an IT focused company founded in 2021 in the Netherlands. We firmly believe that we can make IT more sustainable. Our mission is to reduce the negative impact on planetary boundaries and to exert a positive influence on society, by designing, developing and applying technology and software. Rooted in hardware and software engineering, we developed a flexible and universal SBC server solution. In one 2U rack unit, you can place 12 independent single board computers. They are even hot swappable! We added a BMC controller to enable reliable remote management. Adapters are available to use SBC’s from major manufacturers. This enables you to combine different platforms, ARM, x84 and RISC-V, all in a single unit. You can easily configure this as a Kubernetes cluster, Ceph storage, virtualization server, development platform, or a combination these! Smaller hardware, with more computing power per Watt, enables you to make your IT more sustainable. Great for edge, on premise, lab and in your datacenter.

We provide additional IT services to support our clients. This includes a secure remote support platform, systems engineering and software development services.