Katana Digital
Stand No: 377

Are data security, privacy, and GDPR compliance important for your organization and your customers?


Katana Digital specializes in the on-site destruction of hard disks and other computer media (the likes of Hard drives, SSD drives, USB sticks, laptops, and smartphones).


With our state-of-the-art shredder trucks, Katana Digital comes to you for the physical destruction of all your computer equipment, thus guaranteeing optimal security and total traceability of the process and your equipment. Even across multiple sites, we can handle the volume and build together with you a solution that fits your needs.


Backing up your electronic data is good. Making sure it is properly destroyed is better. Some believe that reformatting a hard drive will forever eliminate the information thereon. This is not true!


We at Katana Digital believe that physical destruction of the hardware is the only safe and sure way, as the date no longer exists. Katana offers you a tailor-made certified tool to rid yourself forever and before your eyes of classified information.


Katana Digital’s shredding solutions are simple, secure and without transport risks since everything will be destroyed directly on site.


Why choose Katana Digital for the destruction of your computer media:

  1. We deliver an app that provides ease of use and gives full traceability
  2. Total annihilation of data stored on hard drive guaranteed
  3. Transparent destruction process and guaranteed chain of custody
  4. Our solutions support you in your GDPR compliance
  5. All our personnel that handle your data carriers comply with security regulations
  6. Everything will be recycled by approved service providers near you, for maximum reuse
  7. Very high protection requirements for particularly confidential and secret data: DIN 66399 – ISO IED 21964, Class 3, up to H5+
  8. We are a Swiss-based headquarters with all processes fully certified and traceable




Are data security, privacy, and GDPR compliance important for you, your organization and your customers? Let’s make an appointment. And discuss how we can support your End of Live Storage and process it securely.