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MarketRedesign – MRDs Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics solutions power business operations and drive top line performance.
Solutions using advanced ML, DL & and Applied AI techniques are used to optimise and automate business processes such as pricing, sourcing, logistics, and maintenance.

MRDs team of mathematicians, technologist & business experts have over a decade of experience deploying high impact solutions at multinational companies across industries such as energy, logistics, chemicals, insurance, pharma & telecommunications. Our ‘Intelligence-as-a-service’ offerings are made available to business users in real-time via API and invariably come with simulation, steering and monitoring components.

Our fastest-growing AI application, PriceCypher, is a predictive pricing optimisation solution that used ML algorithms to approximate customer willingness to pay. It allows for execution of different pricing strategies to achieve business objectives of higher margin or higher conversion. With both Artificial (AutoML) and Augmented Intelligence possibilities, it has shows high returns across small and large organisations alike.

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