Ryax Technologies


Whatever your business’ digitalisation stage, Ryax gets you started now and rockets you towards Data Industrialisation.

  • • Our goal is to automate your workflows of data analytics and enable their seamless deployment all along your value chain. Ryax provides flawless & automated integrations with various IT ecosystems and infrastructures: from sensor streams and Data Lakes to Data Science… from Edge to Cloud.
  • • To match your ‘field-specific’ Data needs, Ryax Store features dozens of available functions, frameworks and integrations to fit any industry: from 4.0 factories’ predictive maintenance to AI-powered connected vehicle fleets.
  • • Ryax comes equipped with a simple to use yet powerful web UI, allowing Data Teams to build automated workflows in a few clicks (minimal or no coding), and share their work smoothly across heterogeneous teams and hierarchical levels.



Ryax Technologies is a French company, co-founded by 3 experts in resource allocation for HPC (High Performance Computing) super calculators. In the context of Data Science’s growing need to run on multifaceted infrastructures, Ryax Technologies developed a complete offer of products and services, helping professionals to streamline infrastructure management and to innovate in new services development.