Stand No: 325

Snowplow is a behavioral data platform, built to empower data teams to capture and operationalize behavioral data at scale. Released in 2012, Snowplow was initially launched as an open-source project to free data professionals from the limitations of traditional analytics solutions which act as ‘black-boxes’ offering little transparency or control over your data. In contrast Snowplow gives you the freedom to deliver your behavioral data into the cloud environment of your choice, with the flexibility to customize your pipeline according to your business needs, including: – Ability to define and track unlimited events; – Freedom to choose how to format the structure of your data; – Full control over your data and your fully auditable pipeline infrastructure; – Modular architecture that allows Snowplow’s pipeline to be configured around the user’s needs; – First-party, server-side tracking that can capture complete data despite privacy updates to major web browsers. The Snowplow pipeline runs in your cloud account (AWS and/or GCP), giving you complete ownership of your data. Snowplow frees you to ask and answer any questions relevant to your business and use case, using your preferred tools and technologies.