Stand No: 353

SplxAI equips companies that use AI with AppSec tools to enhance the security of their AI applications in just five minutes. ‘Probe’ offers automated, continuous pentesting for AI chatbots, and ‘Rails’ provides guardrails that keep your AI chatbots within set boundaries. Our first product, ‘Probe’, is an offensive proactive security tool that assures security and quality of the AI applications through pentesting. It is designed to probe your chatbots by launching tailored attacks that uncover specific vulnerabilities based on each chatbot’s unique use-case. The second product, ‘Rails’, serves as a defensive security application. It acts as a filter for messages exchanged between your chatbot and users, ensuring that all interactions adhere to your established guidelines and intended topics. This tool prevents misuse and maintains the chatbot’s safety, friendliness, and factual accuracy. Both ‘Probe’ and ‘Rails’ are accessible through a unified web dashboard, streamlining the process of securing your AI applications while keeping them within their operational boundaries.