Stand No: 244 - F

Xynotech is a provider of IT consulting and software development services that help companies overtake their competition. We specialize in Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality based solutions with enhanced user experience. We pride ourselves in hiring high quality professionals, distributed over our Pakistan and the UK offices. We often work with start-ups and help them achieve their true potential with innovative solutions and pricing models. Our Offshore Development Team model provides customers with exclusive full-time dedicated resources on a long-term basis. It is ideal for any organization wanting to expand their existing software development needs.

At Xynotech, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, using development practices like unit testing, infrastructure as code, automation testing, containerization etc. we deliver a robust solution for our customers.

Along with software development we also offer Strategy & Architecture, Automated Testing, DevOps and Support services. Following are some of the products we offer.

Converso is a generative AI based conversational chatbot that works in complex domains like Finance, Legal and Public Sector to simply access to information.   It will read content provided by you and answer queries from your users in a friendly manner as if they are talking to an expert on the topic. It will summaries information, refer documents and even guide to further reading based on your preferences. It will not only enhance the customer experience but also minimise the need of human agent to answer queries.

Recognixer is a facial recognition product for security intelligence targeted to run on android devices as well as a broad range of smart glasses. It uses advanced machine learning / deep learning algorithms for detecting and recognizing human faces.

Obxerver is an augmented reality solution for inspection and assistance that opens up new opportunities and experiences using artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and superior mobile augmented reality and video streaming using smart glasses.