Dr. P. Anand Rao is at the forefront of research on generative AI’s impact on education. As Professor of Communication and Chair of the Department of Communication and Digital Studies at the University of Mary Washington, he is pioneering an argumentation-centered model of instruction to prepare students for success in an AI-driven world.

Dr. Rao co-edited the 2023 book “Chat(GPT): Navigating the Impact of Generative AI Technologies on Educational Theory and Practice” and authored a chapter on “Generative AI and Higher Education: Disruption, Transformation, and New Opportunities.” His recent publications explore the role of academic debate in skill development and assessment in an era of AI.

A thought leader on AI’s transformative potential, Dr. Rao has been an invited speaker at numerous conferences, workshops, and webinars. His expertise spans the impact of chatbots and generative AI on communication, writing, critical thinking, and the future of education and work.