Dr. Carolina Pinart is the Global Product Director for New Generation Technologies at Nestlé, in charge of industrializing emerging technologies across the Group such as AR/VR, AI, chatbots, advanced nutrition or voice. She also leads Nestlé’s company-wide AI Strategy Program, as well as the Barcelona Innovation Outpost. She holds a PhD in Engineering from the Technical University of Catalonia and has conducted business studies at the London Business School and New York University. Prior to Nestlé, she was the Chief Operating Officer of a New York City based startup, where she developed and launched an app ecosystem to match taxi supply and demand in real time. She also led Telehealth and Connected Car product development and new business launches for wireless carrier Telefónica, based in Madrid and the UK, with operation in Europe and Latin America. Carolina started her career as a consultant for Altran in France and worked in research and innovation for Siemens in Germany and for a leading technology center in Barcelona. Over that period, she published over 70+ papers in international journals and conferences and obtained 1 patent in diverse areas such as mobile video, wireless communications and optical networking.