Jaromir Dzialo specializes in helping enterprises adapt to changes in technology. Co-founder and CTO at Exfluency AG – a multilingual communication platform, unique combination of Data Technology (LLM, AI, generative text capabilities, blockchain) and Community (shared value). Jaromir is the author of patents on semantic analysis of unstructured text. Built and successfully exited a startup in Silicon Valley: Topicmarks, semantic graph-based text processing engine (“early-stage ChatGPT” in pre-LLM world) was able to extract key information from unstructured text, generate summaries etc. It was acquired by a large social network (330m+ users). In the Internet business since 1994. Technology advisor to VCs, expert in Machine Learning, AI, blockchain, fintech (Swiss banks). Privately: traveller, photographer and Monty Python fan, nerdy by nature.