Dr. Óli Páll Geirsson serves as the Chief data officer at the City of Reykjavík. There, Óli Páll established and leads a data science team that strives to make Reykjavík a data-driven city that excels in data-driven decision making, the practice of making decisions and pursuing informed operational actions backed by verifiable data. Óli Páll and the data team are responsible for advancing and fostering data-driven decision making; developing and maintaining a centralized data warehouse; and cultivating the use of data science and machine learning in the city.

Óli Páll holds a Ph.D. degree in mathematical statistics from the University of Iceland which was carried out in collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Óli Páll worked previously as a research specialist in mathematical statistics at the University of Iceland and as a data science consultant for various companies and research groups. He also worked as a data scientist at LS Retail and as a senior data scientist at Landsbankinn, where he helped establish a data science team and laid the groundwork for the use of data science and machine learning. Alongside his work at the city, Óli Páll is an adjunct lecturer in data science at the University of Iceland.