With over 12 years of experience in the SaaS industry, Peter’s speciality lies in gathering, analyzing and evaluating unstructured data. Each day consumers and businesses alike leave a trail of on breadcrumbs, a litter of digital activity that can be used to provide executives with valuable information when it comes to corporate decision making.

 Peter educates enterprises on how best to follow the digital breadcrumbs and harness high-value insights from unstructured data. He works alongside organizations to achieve the following: 

1. Successful integration of the right data sets from beyond organizational boundaries. This includes social media, online editorial, print, and other data. 

2. Turning external data into credible insights that measure organizational performance, track competitor development, and leverage innovative opportunities.

3. Distribution of insights to key stakeholders inside and outside the business for knowledge-sharing and collaboration as a precursor to tactical and transformational decision-making. 

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