Pieter van der Toorn started as an entrepreneur in Photo processing , printing and advertising. He later on turned himself into a successful seasoned banker and corporate debt restructurer with 17 years of experience. He again transformed himself the last 4 years from a leader and dealmaker in corporate banking into a pioneer in digital transformations of traditional departments like Risk Management using AI and (digital) Innovation. He initiated and let multiple digital innovation streams and organisational transformations in Risk Management and Risk Modelling. He knows by experience how data, analytics and AI can facilitate organisations to optimise processes but also how it can create new growth. He is a frequent speaker and strategic partner on above topics for the financial and business service industry including Start and Scale ups.

Pieter: “It is my vision that traditional core business intelligence in the (financial) service industry, can be transformed by using advanced digital technology, data analytics and data (3 D’s). It can also help to leverage core intelligence into new and sustainable sources of revenue. Eventually leading to beyond Banking or other (traditional) Core Business propositions”.