I love to build and invent the future. Every large company must face the reality of continuous innovation and disruption, or risk becoming obsolete in the 21st century. The organizational structures that characterize established companies today are unlikely to produce that new growth.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and with my skills and knowledge of strategy, technology and human interaction I help my clients to invent the future of their company. Currently I’m setting up a new and exiting venture to do this. Contact me to learn more!

I also do this as a board member and mentor at the PortXL accelerator and as a partner in the Startup Foundation. PortXL is currently accelerating 10 Port related startups to success. The startup foundation is a community of over 25.000 members that work together towards a common goal; success.

My specialties include: Strategy, Technology, Innovation management, Lean startup, HR analytics, Public speaking, Startups, Business modeling, Human interaction.