Arun is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Cybage Software. Cybage is a data-driven company, and this work ethic primarily originates from Arun’s thought process of giving more importance to how the analysis of data is applied to decision-making rather than the data alone. This thought process has led to the conceptualization of DecisionMines™ for Digital Excellence, which is a unique data-driven system used for all core decision-making in the organization.

Arun started his career as a software design engineer in the USA and has been contributing to software development and quality management ever since. He returned to India in the early ’90s and founded Cybage with the intention of creating one of the most efficient IT companies in the world that provides a high value chain in the product engineering and application development space. He believes that the right balance must be struck between being ‘customer-centric’ and ‘employee-centric’ in order to benefit from and provide benefits to both entities. Arun was awarded the ‘CEO of the Year Award’ by the National Awards in IT Excellence and recently honoured with the ‘Change Agents for Business Acumen’ Award at Dataquest Technology Innovation Summit & Awards. He is a conscious writer, drawing out management lessons from real-life situations and sharing them on his blog www.arunnathaniblog.com.