Sundas is a web engineer working with Volvo Cars, in Sweden. Before working towards sustainable cities and shaping the future of mobility through Volvo on demand, she worked in the FemTech industry on revolutionising female sexual health. Before relocating to Sweden 7 years ago, Sundas worked with an American digital marketing firm, enhancing the digital presence of celebrities, athletes, doctors, and medical spas.

A dedicated advocate for TypeScript and React, Sundas is currently engaged with technologies such as React, Vue, Apollo, and GQL, alongside Java and Kotlin for backend development.

Guided by the 3Ps of her life, People, Planet, and Principles, Sundas bases all life decisions on these core values.

Outside of their professional pursuits, Sundas enjoys blogging, conducting workshops, participating in tech meetups, and hackathons, and playing video games. When taking a break from screens, she is found hiking, savouring fika by the lake, and appreciating the tranquillity of wilderness and the sound of a woodfire.