I Know First is a Fintech company that provides state of the art self-learning AI-based algorithmic forecasting solutions for the capital markets. The algorithm utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques through which I Know First is able to analyse, model and predict the stock market. It was developed by CTO Lipa Roitman (PhD from Weizmann Institute – 35 years of experience) and his unique R&D team, which consists of PhD’s and AI and Machine Learning experts including IDF intelligence veterans, and consults with Prof. Yakov Yakubov (Mathematical School of Sciences, Tel Aviv University). The concept of the current algorithm has crystallized following years of prior research into the nature of chaotic systems.

Predictions are generated for over 3000 securities across the asset classes. They’re applied to discover best investment opportunities, used as a decision support system for existing investment processes or to develop systematic trading/allocation strategies for smart-beta or actively managed investment vehicles. The system is adaptable and scalable allowing comprehensive customized algorithmic solutions including integration of additional markets depending on clients’ needs – banks, family offices, wealth management firms and hedge funds– as well as fund management partnerships. Furthermore, by offering top-notch technology to retail clients, I Know First also empowers private investors to identify opportunities in markets and manage their portfolios with more confidence.

Yaron Golgher has over 18 years of experience leading AI and machine learning projects including development of AI forecasting algorithms and predictive analytics, quantitative trading strategies, algorithmic trading applications, and big-data solutions for hedge funds and institutional clients.

Mr. Golgher Holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Industrial Engineering from Tel-Aviv University and an EMBA from Ben Gurion University.