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Climate change and smart meters are a topic that go hand in hand in the energy industry, but usually with a big dose of scepticism. How much will smart meters really help customers reduce their energy usage?

It’s a good question. But then why is OVO Energy, the UK’s leading energy technology company, leading the rollout?

The answer lies in renewables – tackling climate change means we need to maximise our use of renewables, but our current energy systems require a perfect balance of supply and demand, which renewable energy generation disrupts. So, using AI, Kafka and IoT devices, OVO are building a distributed network of electricity storage in customers homes. Smart meters are just part of the telemetry that’s needed to manage this complex system, but a vital first step and something that we need our customers to desire in their own right.

In this talk I’ll discuss OVO’s vision for the energy system of the future. I’ll explain the role of AI in delivering on this vision through intelligent grid management and innovative customer propositions leveraging smart meter data. And finally I’ll explain why we chose Kafka to help us handle the billions of messages streaming through our systems every day.

Associated Speakers:

Dr Katie Russell

Head of Data & Analytics

OVO Energy

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03:10PM - Day 1

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