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LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technology can be used together with blockchains as an infrastructure for IoT. This combination automates machine to machine transactions and provides a device data economy (e.g. in MXProtocol). Smart Machine Bidding (SMB), provides an incentive solution to automate the payments related to the flow of IoT devices data. By SMB, each gateway can offer different bids on its data transmission cost. The LPWAN devices can smartly choose a gateway to transmit their data with. Data driven algorithms are also used in the SMB to automate and optimize the procedure.
In general, the SMB helps to provide a cost effective shared LPWAN which both gateway owners and device owners can profit from. In this talk, SMB procedure, its applications, and corresponding data driven algorithms will  be discussed.

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Aslan Mehrabi

Data Scientist and Blockchain Developer


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12:40PM - Day 1

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