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In this presentation, we explore the driving forces behind AI innovation, its growing importance in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, and the critical factors at play behind the scenes to deliver successful, sustainable AI.

As we stand at a pivotal point where the explosive growth in data and digitalisation meets increasing pressures to embrace sustainable practices across IT and technology, this presentation will address:

  • The current AI trends shaping industries of all shapes and sizes both globally and across key regions such as the Nordics.
  • How location is a critical factor for today’s data-demanding and compute-heavy IT infrastructure, outlining why the Nordics are fast becoming a prominent, safe contender for AI innovation and deployment.
  • How the Nordic region is a safe bet for organisations looking to capitalise on AI to advance their business with critical factors such as cost efficiencies, performance and reliability, and sustainability at the forefront.
  • The role of HPC as a service in forming the foundation for the future of AI development with its ability to support the excessive demands of machine learning and AI training models at scale and with a strong focus on responsible data usage.

Here, we will also identify the types of AI workloads best suited for the Nordics, making it a region with promising prospects for the advancement of AI technologies. Join us as we uncover the key aspects driving the Nordic AI revolution and its significant impact on the global AI community.

Associated Speakers:

Guy d’Hauwers

Sales Director – HPC & AI


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