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By changing the parading of how to implement Machine Learning and data analytics in the real manufacturing world, we can revolutionize the way we can imagine and realize the future factory.

We can create new products, improve the quality of existing manufacturing process, understanding correlations between variables in the manufacturing process and put them in relation with the related final products, lowering the waste, creating better sustainability and last but not least save jobs. In short words the capability to change the way of how to implement AI into the manufacturing enterprise using a new edge approach will permit to create a better world.

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Emilio Billi


A3Cube Inc

Associated Talks:

02:10PM - Day 1

View Why are algorithms that were basically invented in the 1950s through the 1980s only now causing such a transformation of business and society

10:20AM - Day 2

View Panel: Creating a data-driven culture

11:30AM - Day 2

View AI, ML and Data for the future factory

02:50PM - Day 1

View Panel: Big Data – Creating Intelligent Data Models

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