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Combining “artificial intelligence” and “edge” brings a unique set of challenges. Both of these individual solution areas have a broad spectrum of compute and deployment requirements that get even more complex based on the use case, implementation details, and budgets.  And when you combine the two into actual Edge AI, the challenges can seem insurmountable.  A large AI model that runs as desired on a GPU in the cloud may not be feasible for use on a compute-restrained device at the edge. So how do you build a 360-degree strategy for AI at the edge?  Join ML expert Damian Bogunowicz from Neural Magic as he illustrates the power of software-delivered AI to: 

  1. Optimize AI workloads for use everywhere – across edge, private data center, and cloud deployments 
  2. Build faster and more efficient AI solutions on commodity and edge hardware
  3. Deliver flexibility and operational simplicity across all of your business solutions 

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Damian Bogunowicz

Machine Learning Engineer

Neural Magic

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10:30AM - Day 1

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