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Today’s newspaper publishers face challenges that would never even have occurred to their predecessors. In today’s world of online publishing, editors must constantly monitor the traffic on their newspaper sites and make quick decisions about the content of these publications.

 Growing awareness of machine learning means that there is an increasing curiosity within newsrooms about what it can offer, and advances in technology mean there is an increasing ability for data and technology teams to create novel solutions to the challenges facing journalists and editors. However, despite an increasing abundance of available tools, and data about audiences and content, building data products that can genuinely improve the workflows in a newsroom is challenging.

 The Data Technology team in News UK develops data platforms, machine learning systems and products.  We work within our newsrooms to empower journalists and editors with access to data products that are carefully tuned to their needs. Dan will be discussing where we are on the journey, from the algorithms being developed to help aide decision making through the lifecycle of an article, to the modern APIs and front end frameworks being developed to provide access to the results of these algorithms.

Associated Speakers:

Daniel Gilbert

Director of Data

News UK

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03:00PM - Day 1

View Data Products in the Newsroom

10:30AM - Day 1

View Keynote Panel: Building an AI Strategy for Enterprise

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