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  • Unlocking AI’s transformative power in business hinges on navigating its technical intricacies. This presentation explores key considerations for harnessing AI’s potential.
  • Discover how AI drives data-informed decisions, productivity gains, and operational speed. Distinguish between AI and automation, emphasizing tailored questions to align AI with business objectives.
  • Unpack the technical landscape, addressing data quality, sizing, and algorithm choice. Delve into algorithm transparency, retraining frequency, and performance metrics.
  • Concluding, delve into real-world AI deployment challenges. This session equips attendees to effectively embrace AI, maximizing its impact across business dimensions.

Associated Speakers:

Erbin Lim

Director of Engineering and Development


Associated Talks:

11:45AM - Day 2

View Panel: The Future of AI Enabled Experiences

02:00PM - Day 1

View Presentation: AI In Business: Technical Considerations

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