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  • According to recent research, just 7.3% of organisations say the state of their data and analytics is excellent, and only 22% of companies are currently seeing a significant return from data science expenditure.
  • Poor returns on data & analytics investment are often the result of applying 20th-century thinking to 21st-century challenges and opportunities.
  • Modern data science and analytics require secure, efficient processes to turn raw data from multiple sources and in numerous formats into useful inputs to a data product.
  • Developing, orchestrating and iterating modern data pipelines is an extremely complex process requiring multiple technologies and skills.
  • Other domains have to successfully overcome the challenge of delivering high-quality products at speed in complex environments. DataOps applies proven agile principles, lean thinking and DevOps practices to the development of data products.
  • A DataOps approach aligns data producers, analytical data consumers, processes and technology with the rest of the organisation and its goals

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Harvinder Atwal

Chief Data Officer

Moneysupermarket Group

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11:20AM - Day 1

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