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In the era of digital transformation, businesses are grappling with an explosion of data types and
volumes. Yet, the promise of data-driven insights by AI remains elusive for many, as data remains
siloed, multiple database technologies complicate the landscape, and high total cost of ownership
(TCO) often outweighs the benefits. Concurrently, the promise of large language models and
generative AI is reshaping our understanding of data analysis and prediction.
In this keynote, we will explore how a modern multi-model database approach addresses today’s
data management challenges head-on:

  • Converging operational and analytical data in any kind of format plus providing business context in vectors provides the foundation for AI-driven real-time insights, no matter which data you need to process and analyze.
  • Why a wide range of data types needs to accessible via standard SQL – from relational, JSON documents, timeseries, geospatial, over full-text search to vector search.
  • We will delve into how this approach can streamline development, reduce TCO, and ultimately, enable businesses to unlock the full potential of their data.

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Christian Kurze

VP Product


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02:40PM - Day 1

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