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At Philips, we believe the value of AI is only as strong as the human experience it supports. That’s why we combine the power of AI with deep clinical knowledge, gained through decades of experience in healthcare. We envision AI that is fully integrated into the workflows of healthcare professionals and people’s daily health routines – supporting them at every stage of the health continuum. With AI, we can help people take better care of their health and well-being, and enable healthcare professionals to do what they do best: prevent, diagnose, treat, and monitor. In this presentation we will highlight few important Ai principles that governs our AI Vision:

  • Well-being – We design our solutions to benefit the health and well-being of individuals and to contribute to the sustainable development of society.
  • Fairness – We develop and validate solutions using data that is representative of the target group for the intended use, and we aim to avoid bias or discrimination.
  • Oversight- We design AI-enabled solutions to augment and empower people, with appropriate human supervision.
  • Transparency- We disclose functions and features of our offerings that are AI-enabled, the validation process, and the responsibility for ultimate decision-taking.
  • Robustness – We develop AI-enabled solutions that are intended to do no harm, with appropriate protection against deliberate or inadvertent misuse.

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Georgio Mosis

Principal Scientist & Team lead Next Gen AI & Data


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09:50AM - Day 1

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