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  • Bol.com was the first online bookstore of Europe in 1999
  • 20 years later, bol.com is the largest online retail platform in the Benelux, selling millions of products in dozens of product categories
  • As one can expect, with the growth of bol.com, the number of fraud cases is increasing. In addition, fraudulent behaviour is constantly changing
  • To stay ahead in this cat-and-mouse game the Fraud and Risk department of bol.com aims to proactively prevent fraud from happening on the platform
  • How did the Fraud and Risk department move from a rule-based only reactive approach to a more proactive data-driven approach?

Associated Speakers:

Corneel Braber

Senior Data Scientist


Associated Talks:

03:30PM - Day 1

View The Challenges of introducing Data Science into the Fraud & Risk department @ bol.com

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