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For many years car-makers, tier1’s, mobility providers, universities and other organizations have been working on developing driver assistance systems and self-driving cars. Conventional computer vision used for ADAS is reaching its threshold because it is impossible to write code for every possible scenario as a vehicle navigates. In order to develop software for various levels of autonomy and ultimately the autonomous car, deep learning and artificial intelligence are required. With deep learning, the vehicle can be trained to have super-human levels of perception, driving safer than anyone on the road. This presentation will show what it takes to develop an end-to-end artificial intelligence platform from collecting and labelling data, to AI training, simulation and validation.

Associated Speakers:

Tom Westendorp

Sr. Sales Manager – Automotive & Datacenter, NVIDIA EMEA


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02:40PM - Day 1

View AI- Accelerating the race to autonomous cars and transportation systems

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