Day 1 - 23 November 2021



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AI Innovations: Chairperson’s Welcome



Finding the unicorns – building a Data Analytics team

  • Getting the right skills balance – what new competencies are required?
  • Who does what? Data science versus data engineering. How do you maximise on the different skill sets?
  • How big data and data science skills are perfect for the machine learning-enabled future



Telling a story with data and analytics

  • What is data storytelling and how is it evolving?  
  • Combining data visualisation and narrative techniques to deliver insights  
  • Going beyond reporting and dashboarding 



Panel: The ones to watch – AI for the future

  • What are the best things to happen in the artificial intelligence arena in the last 18 months, and where is the future of the industry headed? 
  • How are start-ups approaching new and evolved threat models, and how can they ensure they can keep up with a constant new set of challenges? 
  • How are organisations developing creative solutions? 

Day 2 - 24 November 2021



Panel: Monetising your Data – Your Additional Strategic Advantage

  • Turning your data into a true area of value generation.
  • At what point does your data become a capital asset and how do you value it?  
  • Strategies for monetising customer interaction data – The importance of lifetime customer value and not just short term gains



The Modern Data Pipeline

  • How your data pipeline can help you decisively solve some of your biggest challenges  
  • Delivering quicker insights and decision making.  
  • Data pipeline frameworks  
  • Building resilient and scalable pipelines 



Creating an Architecture for Analytics and AI

  • Discussing the ecosystem of data warehouses/lakes/the cloud, what is needed to build an effective analytics environment.  
  • How do you build the right architecture to handle the new analytics landscape whilst remaining agile and adaptive?   
  • Do you have access and control of the data you need? 



How to Engage in a Voice-Driven World

  • How are brands using voice? 
  • Opportunities and challenges that using voice interfaces presents. 


End of Conference