Day 2 - 2 July 2020

Please find the 2019 agenda below. Check back for regular updates – 2020 agenda coming soon!


Alexander Denev

Head of AI - Financial Services | Risk Advisory

Deloitte LLP

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AI Technology Solutions: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Comments

. Alexander Denev, Head of AI - Financial Services | Risk Advisory , Deloitte LLP


Dr. N. R. Srinivasa Raghavan

Chief Data Scientist, Data and Analytics


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Keynote: Enterprise-scale adoption of AI/ML: Challenges and Frameworks

. Dr. N. R. Srinivasa Raghavan, Chief Data Scientist, Data and Analytics, Infosys


Mark Braithwaite

Technical Specialist


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AI: Experts not required

A fast paced, interactive and example driven exploration showcasing the AI capabilities of the Wolfram Programming Language. This presentation will demonstrate how sophisticated AI tools can be rapidly developed and deployed to extract new insights from your data and improve decision making.

. Mark Braithwaite, Technical Specialist, Wolfram


Grigoraki Evangelia

Senior ICT Sales Manager

OTE Group of Companies

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10:50AM - Day 2

View Empowering Digitalization and Simplification with AI

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Empowering Digitalization and Simplification with AI

AI for Good: How smart companies are gaining competitive advantage by integrating AI in their digital transformation strategy

. Grigoraki Evangelia, Senior ICT Sales Manager, OTE Group of Companies


Andrew Wigfield

Principal Solution Specialist


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Building new business models through AI services

We are already seeing examples of how AI is disrupting and transforming industries. This presentation will highlight examples across industry of how AI can transform business models, whilst enhancing security throughout the organisation.

. Andrew Wigfield, Principal Solution Specialist, Microsoft


Networking Break


Michel Morvan

Founder and Executive Chairman

Cosmo Tech

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Moving Beyond the Bird Brain with Augmented Intelligence

Science has shown that birds can process some elements faster than humans, but this does not make them more intelligent. By the same token, is AI that completes basic recognition tasks far faster than humans really a step forward in intelligence, or are we simply moving towards super-fast bird brains? Instead of artificial intelligence and super-fast ‘bird brains’, we should instead be moving towards Augmented Intelligence, the combination of traditional AI with cutting-edge modeling and simulation tools.

. Michel Morvan, Founder and Executive Chairman, Cosmo Tech


John Park

Senior Software Engineer


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Bighead: A Framework-Agnostic, End-to-End Machine Learning Platform

Airbnb has a wide variety of ML models, and the ability to build, iterate, and maintain them is critical to its success. Many ML platforms cover data collection, feature engineering, training, deployment, and monitoring but few, if any, do all of the above seamlessly. Bighead aims to tie together various open-source and in-house projects to remove incidental complexity from ML workflows. This talk covers the architecture, the problems that each individual component and the overall system aim to solve, and a vision for the future of machine learning infrastructure. Bighead is widely adopted within Airbnb, already serving production traffic to improve search ranking, classify listing images, and detect fraudulent users. With the help of the framework, the model development time has been reduced from months to days. The project will be open sourced to allow wider community to benefit from its powerful features.

. John Park, Senior Software Engineer , Airbnb


Sam Hemmant

Global Marketing Director


Associated Talks:

12:40PM - Day 2

View Optimising entity due diligence with robotics process automation (RPA)

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Optimising entity due diligence with robotics process automation (RPA)

  • What is the entity due diligence process?
  • Why is entity due diligence more important than ever before?
  • Where does RPA fit with the due diligence process?
  • RPA benefits, best practices, and risks
. Sam Hemmant, Global Marketing Director, LexisNexis


Networking Break


Priyanka Vergadia

Developer Advocate

Google Cloud

Associated Talks:

02:30PM - Day 2

View Let’s Chat with Bots!

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Let’s Chat with Bots!

Why are Chatbots becoming an increasingly powerful AI application? How are they positively impacting every aspect of businesses while making the users happy? In this talk, we will answer these questions by understanding chatbots, the technology that makes them powerful (Natural language processing and Machine Learning) and how they are becoming the new User Interface.

. Priyanka Vergadia, Developer Advocate, Google Cloud


Andrea Renda

Member of the High Level Expert Group on AI

European Commission

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Europe’s “secret sauce” for Trustworthy AI

During the first half of 2019, the EU has developed a full-fledged strategy on Artificial Intelligence based on ethics guidelines and a renewed commitment towards sustainable policy and ambitious investment targets. What are the consequences of the new EU policy for AI developers? What are the likely next steps? Will the EU agenda lead to new forms of sovereignty and protectionism in the global governance of data and digital technologies? Andrea Renda, one of the members of the EU High Level Expert Group on AI, guides the audience through the opportunities and risks of the new EU agenda.

. Andrea Renda, Member of the High Level Expert Group on AI , European Commission


Gary Campbell

Head of IT Sector

Invest Northern Ireland

Associated Talks:

03:20PM - Day 2

View Creating a thriving ecosystem in which tech companies can prosper.

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Creating a thriving ecosystem in which tech companies can prosper.

Northern Ireland has become the number one location globally for Foreign Direct Investment Projects in both Cyber Security and Fintech*. How has this happened? Why is Northern Ireland, and the city of Belfast in particular, attracting so much attention and investment? Gary will provide an overview of the collaboration between start-ups, fast growth companies and multi-nationals, academia and government to provide organisations with the space, infrastructure and talent to create clusters of excellence across these sectors. *Source: fDI Markets

. Gary Campbell, Head of IT Sector, Invest Northern Ireland


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