Day 2 - 22 September 2022



Chairperson’s Welcome

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks. 



Presentation: Agriculture being Fed by Data

  • Maximising harvests and minimising waste – how data and analytics have proven to be the ultimate game changer for the agriculture sector through real-time crop insights.  
  • How dealing with smaller data pools can help reduce risks. 
  • A collaborative effort – how combining capabilities of ML, IoT and drones is continuing to help the sector flourish and meet growing demands in a sustainable way.  



Keynote Presentation: Keeping Systems Seamless with Data Fabric

This session will cover the holistic approach of using a data fabric including:  

  • Frictionless access for teams. 
  • Data sharing capabilities. 
  • AI driven automation.  



Presentation: Data Democratisation – Distributing the Workflow

  • Centralised Vs de-centralised models – allowing for self-service analytics and non-technical users to access insights and make strategic decisions quickly.  
  • Allowing for job growth and diversity as those without technical backgrounds can utilise data-led decision making.  
  • Where data models need to alter to fit this de-centralised shift – is data mesh architecture the answer for irregular, scattered data?  



Networking Break



Panel: Cashing in with Data Monetization

  • Understanding the real value of data before trying to add a price tag to deliverables.  
  • How to measure data through KPI’s – creating a holistic business strategy where data is part of the chain.  
  • Discoverability and data quality – the key pillars for being able to action and monetize capabilities.   
  • Being adaptable and open to innovation.  



Presentation: Getting the Eco-System of Data – Plotting for Efficiency

  • How best to understand and prioritise business processes in order to contextualise data modelling decisions? 
  • Understanding the tools and techniques involved; what recent innovations have increased efficiency in data modelling?  
  • The trade-off between complex data models and future efficiency – where is the line?  



Presentation: The Public Sector and the Consumer – A Data Sharing Story

  • Digital identities – looking at the role of public sectors in relation to data for digital identities in countries and cities.  
  • The need for consumers to have control over their own data to help build trust. 
  • Looking at public private data sharing models to monetize data. 
  • Data sovereignty – who owns it? Why regulations and frameworks are\ desperately needed.  



Lunch & Networking Break



Panel: Data led Intelligent Decision Making

  • Identifying target-rich, high-value data that can be used to generate intelligence. 
  • Transitioning from big data to ‘right’ data analytics – how to dissect the data you need. 
  • Collection, storage, exchangeability and security – how to ensure optimised processing of data for optimum response and actions. 
  • Data as the core of digital – aligning strategies to maximise data capabilities. 



Presentation: Keep it in the Locker – Hybrid Data Storage

A closer look at hybrid data storing, including why it is important, why enterprises needed different storage capabilities e.g., cloud Vs onsite, and the opportunities for innovation here.  



Presentation: Reducing Data Risks – Governance, Security & Compliance

  • Understanding regulatory and data privacy obligations – how to maximise trust and compliance across assets. 
  • How to ensure your data environment is giving you the best opportunity to govern access and storage.  
  • Best practices in DataOps for governance and compliance. 



End of Day 2