Day 2 - 20 June 2019

Big Data Business Solutions

It all starts with data. Data can be your company’s biggest asset if collected and managed effectively. This session will help you get the most out of your data projects, allowing you to make informed business decisions and truly become a data-driven organisation.


Big Data Business Solutions: Chairman’s Welcome

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Keynote: Delivering business value through Data Analytics

  • Accessing the power of unstructured data through machine learning  
  • Creating business value and actionable insights from unstructured data  
  • How images, video, speech and text can all be better recognised and processed  
  • Key use cases and data sets that can benefit most from a ML approach   
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Panel: Creating a data-driven culture

  • Establishing evidence-based decision making as a core part of the digital workplace 
  • Defining a clear strategy to leverage data whenever and wherever possible to enhance business efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Putting big data at the heart of your business  
  • Closing the data literacy gap, hiring talent and getting buy in from the top. 
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Networking Break


Finding the unicorns – building a Data Analytics team

  • Getting the right skills balance – what new competencies are required? 
  • Who does what? Data science versus data engineering. How do you maximise on the different skill sets? 
  • How big data and data science skills are perfect for the machine learning-enabled future 
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Harnessing the power of data

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Networking Lunch


Afternoon Keynote: Making Big Data the centre of your business model

  • What problems is Big Data helping to solve? 
  • What data will be used? How will it be generated and analysed? 
  • How to encourage Big Data Innovation and stay ahead of the pack.
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Telling a story with data and analytics

  • What is data storytelling and how is it evolving? 
  • Combining data visualisation and narrative techniques to deliver insights 
  • Going beyond reporting and dashboarding
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Unlocking unstructured Data

How machine learning is making unstructured data accessible

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Panel: Big Data – Creating Intelligent Data Models

  • The increased need for big data analytics to drive AI & Machine learning 
  • How to successfully unlock unstructured data & transform into learnable features 
  • The advancement of self-service big data tools & its benefit for your organisation  
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