Day 2 - 2 July 2020

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Gerard van der Hoeven

Managing Partner


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Big Data Business Solutions: Chairman’s Welcome

. Gerard van der Hoeven, Managing Partner, Protium.Digital


Yury Brunt

Team Leader Manufacturing Intelligence


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Keynote: Big Data & Manufacturing Analytics in practice

A well-known (acclaimed) food producer in the Netherlands has more control over the quality of its products and makes savings visible by applying Manufacturing Analytics on their existing data. During this interactive presentation you will learn how analysis of large amounts of data provides a source of valuable information for this A-brand producer. The information obtained enables this global player in the food industry to better control the quality of the products and also structurally achieve substantial raw material and energy savings.

. Yury Brunt, Team Leader Manufacturing Intelligence , Wonderware


Reinier van den Biggelaar

Director Data Science and AI


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Pierluigi Casale

Group Data Scientist


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Emilio Billi


A3Cube Inc

Associated Talks:

02:10PM - Day 1

View Why are algorithms that were basically invented in the 1950s through the 1980s only now causing such a transformation of business and society

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Natalie Jakomis

Group Head of Data


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Martin Treder

Managing Director Data Management International


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Panel: Creating a data-driven culture

  • Establishing evidence-based decision making as a core part of the digital workplace 
  • Defining a clear strategy to leverage data whenever and wherever possible to enhance business efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Putting big data at the heart of your business  
  • Closing the data literacy gap, hiring talent and getting buy in from the top. 
Moderator: . Reinier van den Biggelaar, Director Data Science and AI, Ortec
. Pierluigi Casale, Group Data Scientist , TomTom
. Emilio Billi, CTO, A3Cube Inc
. Natalie Jakomis, Group Head of Data , GoCompare
. Martin Treder, Managing Director Data Management International , FedEx


Networking Break


Mary Dubrovskaya

Global Business Executive


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Finding the unicorns – building a Data Analytics team

Probably everyone has already heard about Data Science, but it is still a highly controversial topic. There are many different points of view about the right approach to the implementation of Data Science in the business. But what is the key to success? We think that the perfect team is a foundation to data science journey.

How to understand the perfect team composition? How to find people with the necessary skills? What’s the difference between Data Science and Data engineering?
We’ll share with you our experience in this exhausting process and the challenges we came through before finding our unicorns and building our Dream Data Science team.

. Mary Dubrovskaya, Global Business Executive, Eastwind


Maurice Coyle

Chief Data Scientist


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Mythbusting Data Privacy

Is customer trust dead? Trūata’s Chief Data Scientist Maurice Coyle looks at this question and explores some of the Myths around the usage of  Personal Data and Consumer Privacy. This session will debunk some of the most common Data privacy Myths as well as sharing valuable insights into the effective use of Data for Data Driven Organizations.

. Maurice Coyle, Chief Data Scientist, Truata


Networking Break


Andrew Soteriou

Partner, Strategy, Innovation and New Ventures


Associated Talks:

01:55PM - Day 2

View Afternoon Chair

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Afternoon Chair

. Andrew Soteriou, Partner, Strategy, Innovation and New Ventures, Pivigo


Axel Goris

Europe Chapter lead Visual Intelligence & Analytics

Accenture Applied Intelligence

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Afternoon Keynote: Augmented Human Intelligence: the Impact of AI on how we consume analytics

The way we consume and interact with data and analytics is no longer just visual, it uses all of the sensory channels and is increasingly enabled by AI. This presentation will explore the impact of artificial intelligence on various parts of the analytics supply chain, and ultimately how it will augment human intelligence. It will explore key principles of a proven, human centric design methodology and demonstrate how in combination with AI, Analytics and Automation it can be used to drive adoption and deliver an intuitive user experience. The concept will be brought to life with a demonstration with a demo example of a digital Pharma sales rep.

. Axel Goris, Europe Chapter lead Visual Intelligence & Analytics , Accenture Applied Intelligence


James Swanson

CIO and Head of Digital Transformation


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Delivering Business Value through Data Analytics

  • Use machine learning, data and decision science to accelerate research and development, connect the supply chain and enhance customer value
  • Develop foundational architecture and data science platforms to increase access to new technologies across the company
  • Create a data-first culture and establish digital leadership programs as key strategic drivers
  • Realize the consequential value of using data analytics to drive benefits to farmers, consumers and our planet
. James Swanson, CIO and Head of Digital Transformation, Bayer


Benjamin Simonneau

Manager of Professional Services


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Guillaume Bodet

VP Product


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How to leverage data assets with intelligent data catalogs

The new generation of intelligent data catalogs has stepped in, providing a means to pull data
and curate them from a variety of sources in order to leverage assets. Powered by AI, they
provide automated capabilities to show the true value of an enterprise’s data assets, connecting
the business and technology sides of companies. By exploiting AI & Machine Learning,
intelligent data catalogs provide an in-depth understanding of data spread across the enterprise.
We will answer the biggest questions:

  • How can analysts and business decision makers understand and enrich their
  • How do you make them trust these assets?
  • Who do they contact when they have questions?
  • How do they use data to make confident and informed decisions?
. Benjamin Simonneau, Manager of Professional Services, Zeenea
. Guillaume Bodet, VP Product, Zeenea


Julien Vacher

Sales & Marketing Director

Ryax Technologies

Associated Talks:

03:30PM - Day 1

View Industrialising Big-Data projects from Edge to Cloud

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Industrialising Big-Data projects from Edge to Cloud

85% of Data Science projects never reach production. Why? Deploying data analyses has never been so hard to do within today’s Edge-to-Cloud distributed IT infrastructures.

We will tell the story of such a journey:

  • Defining Data Science projects’ cost structures, and why ROI should always matter.
  • Pointing where the main obstacles to Data Science production actually lay.
  • Suggesting ways to streamline and leverage hybrid infrastructure layouts for business value.
. Julien Vacher, Sales & Marketing Director, Ryax Technologies


Thomas van Dongen

Visual / UX Designer & Developer

Protium Digital

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Maurice Coyle

Chief Data Scientist


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Igor Tevs

Business Department Lead


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Anthony Morris

Director Data, Analytics, & Insight

Dixons Carphone

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James Swanson

CIO and Head of Digital Transformation


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Panel: Data and the customer

  • Using data and analytics to develop better customer relationships
  • Developing data intelligence to provide new offerings
  • Data for transforming marketing strategies
  • Bring together data, analytics, people and frontline tools to create business value
Moderator: . Thomas van Dongen, Visual / UX Designer & Developer, Protium Digital
. Maurice Coyle, Chief Data Scientist, Truata
. Igor Tevs, Business Department Lead, Eastwind
. Anthony Morris, Director Data, Analytics, & Insight, Dixons Carphone
. James Swanson, CIO and Head of Digital Transformation, Bayer


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