Day 2 - 24 November 2021



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Data & Analytics: Chairperson’s Welcome



Building a holistic city-wide data ecosystem

  • Dubai Data has taken a 4pronged approach to this ensuring we do not miss out any key component: 
  • Data Governance, Data Infrastructure, Public-Private Partnerships and most importantly Use Case Development and Value Generation. 



Predicting trends with Natural Language Processing

  • Examining some use cases of NLP applications including spam detection, translation, chatbots & social media analysis 
  • Filling the gap between human communication and computer understanding 



Quantifying the customer

  • From customer insights to customer action – how to capture intent 
  • Using this data for activation 
  • Maximising retention and profit 


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Panel: Data analytics for intelligent decision making

  • Identifying target-rich, high-value data that can be used to generate business intelligence 
  • How to leverage data and analytics to optimize every decision, process and action 
  • Real time data analytics in practice – examples of how data is creating business efficiency and revolutionising working practices



The missing link: using RPA for unstructured data

  • How using robots can manage and move your data from unstructured to structures 
  • Insights into use of Optical Character Recognition and Natural Language Recognition 
  • Navigating human and non-human errors 



Making data accessible for everyone – Augmented analytics

  • Automating for ease – development, management and deployment 
  • Using data-driven insights to determine business strategy 
  • How augmented analytics can free up resource to focus on research that machines can’t yet support 


Networking Break



Panel: Making sense of your data

  • Resource management – Utilising your old data and storage 
  • Identifying and breaking down silos 
  • Tips for extending business capability of your data projects and delivering insights 
  • Keeping your data lakes clear and navigable 



Data as a service

  • Improve the agility of your data workload and increase its reliability 
  • How using DaaS can maximise functionality and flexibility 



What does Quantum mean for AI?

  • Understanding the basics – what is quantum computing and how much can it impact our lives? 
  • How can quantum impact existing AI technologies – speed and potential 
  • Leveraging the elastic nature of the cloud 


End of Conference