On-Demand Session Recordings

A selection of recordings from the North America 2023 event are now available to watch on-demand through the TechHub & Content Library! Get front-row access anytime, anywhere: access a selection of recordings from the live sessions at TechEx Events in Santa Clara, Amsterdam and London. Plus on-demand webinars from our sister company, TechForge Media.

Panel: Making the Most of Data

This session will explore:

  • Identifying and breaking down silos across departments and business data stacks.
  • How to maximise data sets and data pipelines.
  • Aligning data with specific business goals – making use of insights for targeted business e.g. seasonal buying cycles and customer demand.
  • Collection, storage, exchangeability and security – how to ensure optimised processing of data for optimum response and actions.
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Digital innovation in a traditional industry: our machine learning journey, Steven Lloyd, Machine Learning Product Lead, LNER

Over the last four years LNER has been on a digital transformation journey, from zero data science capabilities to establishing an in-house development team. Having a start-up mentality to innovation within a 200 year old industry has led to some interesting learnings, with a wide spectrum of opportunities identified and investigated so far.

Join Steven to learn more about the highs and lows the machine learning team has experienced, bringing to life some of the wins so far. He will also share insights on the teams’ learnings, with tips for those looking to make a similar transition.

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Predictive AI – Turn Your Data Into A Competitive Edge, Jason Huber Director of Solutions Engineering, Akkio

  • The world of data is rapidly changing, and using predictive AI across your organization is essential to staying ahead of the curve.
  • In this revolution, your data is your competitive edge, and now is the time to take advantage of it by using AI to leapfrog the competition.
  • Discover how AI can empower anyone to prepare, explore, and build ML models with their data – increasing productivity and informed decision making.
  • Using employee attrition as a demo, we will showcase how predictive AI can be used to predict and prevent employee turnover, saving your organization time and money while improving employee satisfaction.
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Ethical, Responsible & Governance – Scaling AI Safely

  • Sophisticated decision making through AI, how to eliminate the bias.
  • Learning from past mistakes – discussing the different approaches and concerns industries need to consider when tackling issues like privacy, surveillance and discrimination.
  • The role of responsible AI in aiding the ethical AI journey.
  • The need for governance and regulation as industry standards – where we are vs where we need to be and the laws around AI.

Moderator: Karen Silverman, CEO and Founder, The Cantellus Group
Peter Hallinan, Leader, Responsible AI, AWS
Jeong-Suh Choi, CEO, Bobidi
Bassam Zarkout, Chair of the Digital Transformation Working Group, Industry IoT Consortium
Ash Tutika, Head of Operations/ Chief of Staff, Ethical AI Governance Group (EAIGG)/ Arena.im
Rahul Singhal, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Innodata

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