Stand No: 131

AInfinity is a niche company, helping businesses to bring cost-effective AI adoption and transformation with less disruption for your business efficiently and optimize ROI with our simplified AI platform.

AInfinity delivers custom AI-solutions and has an industry-leading AI Platform (Machine Learning, Deep Learning) to handle variety of use-cases in Financial Services, Health Care and Retail to deliver Predictions, Classification, Recommendations, Anomaly detection.

Our Platform is easy to use for prototyping, design, customize, test and deploy efficiently. We do this with automated data pre-processing, pipelines and applying various algorithms, model evaluations with the best model to fit.

AInfinity helps companies and start-ups in:

– Co-creation of Innovation hubs: Manage and scale up innovation hubs (AI and big data) to optimise business processes and ROI with scalable AI solutions.

– Innovation: Helps you to innovate smarter with AI and synchronised data insights.

– Better decision making: Optimise real-time data insights for better decisions.

– True Agile delivery: Be agile in predictive insights with our AI solutions.

Please check out our website for further details, we are happy to help:


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