Stand No: 87

causaLens is a London deep-tech company building a machine that predicts the global economy in real-time, leading time-series and causality research.

It is the only technology on the market that can discover and extract signals from raw data in a fully automated way.

They launched their first product on August ’18 and already attracted some of the most sophisticated banks, hedge funds, asset managers, exchanges, market makers & data providers as customers.
The team consists of top scientists and engineers whose previous employers include prominent hedge funds (e.g Man Group in London & top US Systematic ones) and research organizations. More than 60% of their team holds PhDs from top universities in the US and the UK. They recently closed one of the largest European Seed rounds led by IQ Capital.

causaLens was awarded the best Investment in deeptech Award as well as the best deeptech company 2019.