Enigma Pattern
Stand No: 848

Enigma Pattern is an independent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence company. We help our clients by applying the latest Data Science and AI tools and techniques to their systems and products. This leads to highly customized solutions for our customers. Based on our own extensive research program our experienced team make sure that the best available approach is applied in any situation. We have deep expertise in the field of image processing including Deep Learning for Computer Vision and leading edge commercial implementation of Synthetic Imaging. Our work also covers the fields of Financial Trading, Audio Analysis and Predictive Maintenance.

As a group of engineers and engineering managers we are fascinated by Deep Learning and its possibilities. We are based in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose, giving us access to the newest trends and methodologies. We actively contribute to the development of open source technologies with the ambition to set trends and future standards.

Our Polish development center is our key strategy for scaling up and an efficient way to develop cutting edge IP using the best available engineers and mathematicians. We follow in a long tradition of Polish mathematical and computer expertise including the work on the Enigma coding machine.

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