Stand No: 157

REACH is a European-wide second-generation incubator for data-fuelled start-ups & SMEs that aims to facilitate the development of trusted and secure innovative solutions based on industrial and personal data.

REACH aims to be the main innovation mechanism that supports experimentations on secure and trusted data value chains across several sectors and launching of new data-fuelled products and services to the market, leveraging the capacities of the best data-driven DIHs in Europe. Over its lifetime, REACH will support +100 business ideas from SMEs and select among them 30 solid business cases through a total of three open calls in the coming three years, distributing a total amount of €3.5M. Ultimately, REACH aims to demonstrate that Data Silos can be broken by enabling a multi-stakeholder cross-sectorial incubator to boost data-fuelled sustainable solutions.

Data startups may apply to the 3rd and last open call of REACH Incubator until 21 February 2023, via: https://www.reach-incubator.eu/open-calls/startups/

Learn more about this programme at: https://www.reach-incubator.eu/