Integres Software Solutions
Stand No: 225

We use intelligent automation to deliver cloud and datacentre savings of more than 30% while improving system performance.

Leveraging IBM software with performance assurance at the core we work to 3 principles of Observe, Optimise and Automate and enable organisations to dramatically simplify increasingly complex, costly and difficult to manage cloud and datacentre environments.

Observe: Automated discovery delivers a transparent view of all your applications, the infrastructure that powers them and detailed analytics of how fluctuating workload impacts on performance

Optimise: Intelligent Analytics monitors application workload and in real time delivers detailed recommendations to optimise the environment to assure performance at the same time as keeping costs to an absolute minimum.

Automate: Automate infrastructure resourcing decisions to win back time, budget and resource and be certain that your applications will always have the resources they need to perform whatever the demand.

Put it to the test with the free Proof of Value where we will demonstrate in real terms the cost saving, performance assuring impact we can have on your environment before you make any decision.