Stand No: 524

Weather impacts everything – but weather data can be hard to use and combine with other data. Meteomatics has the perfect solution to simply, quickly and easily integrate dynamic weather data into Big Data analytics worldwide. Our Weather API with its wide range of free data connectors for CSV, R, Matlab, Python, C++, Golang and many others enables data science teams to develop Machine Learning and AI driven business insights, and our WMS capabilities deliver just the right data for cool visualisations. As a global weather service provider headquartered in Switzerland with offices in Germany and the UK our mission is to enable easy, seamless, fully customisable API access to high resolution local and global weather data.  Our met science team apply precision downscaling and calibration techniques to the latest weather forecast models, observations, radar information, and satellite data that we aggregate from the world’s leading Met Services and Scientific institutions. We deliver even more added-value to our customers across multiple sectors by ingesting observational data from our unique Meteodrone programme. We really understand how to assimilate drone, traditional sensor and IoT data into high resolution local weather forecasting to deliver outstanding weather data to our customers, globally.

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