Stand No: 742

Saagie Data Fabric is a plug and play solution that seamlessly orchestrates heterogeneous best-of-breed data technologies to automate enterprise processes and deploy business applications at scale.


Summary value proposition

  • Saagie conciliates agility and operationalization by being the one engine both for datalabs and production
    • Datalabs engine
    • Exploring various use cases in a single collaborative environment
    • Experimenting the best of breed technologies
  • Production engine
    • Scaling data & analytics projects
    • Bringing devops (streamlined process that aligns development, QA, and operations team efforts for application development and deployment) to data science


Big Data and AI have become more and more popular during the past few years in the B2B environment. Nevertheless, it still lacks from proof points of value at a large scale.

Indeed, many companies have initiated AI and Big Data initiatives, but really few of them have been able to put them into production – only 15% of those projects to be precise according to Gartner (https://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/3466117).

Thus, because of the scarcity of AI initiatives into production, it is hard to understand what ROI can be expected from Big Data and AI, and there’s a lack of what business outcome can be expected by AI and ML.

Saagie (pronounced “saadgee”) is the fastest way to deploy your big data initiatives into production and to embed AI into your business. It provides the perfect platform to extract and refine your data, to build and run AI-based applications, all in the most compliant and secured standards.

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